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How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

Kindle Unlimited, a popular subscription program offered by Amazon, provides access to a comprehensive library of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. You may, however, cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription at any time. This detailed guide will help you process canceling your Kindle Unlimited subscription step by step, assuring a seamless and painless experience.

Step 1: Access Your Amazon Account

Begin by accessing your Amazon account. Navigate to the Amazon website using a web browser. Sign in with your Amazon account credentials (email address and password). Ensure that you use the same account associated with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Step 2: Go to “Your Account” Settings

Hover your mouse over the “Accounts & Lists” option in the upper right corner of the Amazon site after logging in. Select “Your Account” from the drop-down menu that displays to access your account settings page.

Step 3: Manage Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

On the “Your Account” tab, scroll down to the “Digital Content and Devices” section. Under this section, locate and click on the “Content and Devices” option. It will take you to a page where you can manage your digital content, including your Kindle Unlimited subscription.How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

Step 4: Navigate to the “Settings” Tab

The “Content and Devices” section contains many tabs. Click the “Settings” tab to see your account settings for Kindle content.

Step 5: Locate and Manage Your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Scroll down to the “Settings” menu and look for the “Kindle Unlimited Settings” option. Here you may get information about your Kindle Unlimited membership. To manage your subscription, click the “Actions” icon.

Step 6: Cancel Kindle Unlimited Subscription

After clicking on the “Actions” button, a drop-down menu will appear. From the menu options, select “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.” It will initiate the cancellation process for your subscription.

Step 7: Confirm Cancellation

Upon selecting “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership,” a confirmation prompt will appear. Read the information about the consequences of canceling your subscription, such as losing access to Kindle Unlimited titles. If you still want to end your membership, click the “Cancel Membership” option.

Step 8: Verify Cancellation

After confirming the cancellation, Amazon will display a confirmation message stating that your Kindle Unlimited membership has been canceled. Take note of the cancellation date for future reference. Your Kindle Unlimited subscription will expire, but you can still access your bought Kindle books.

Step 9: Check the Subscription Status

Return to the “Kindle Unlimited Settings” section under the “Settings” tab to ensure your subscription has been successfully canceled. Verify that your subscription status is “Canceled” or “Ended.”

Step 10: Contact Customer Support (Optional)

If you encounter any issues or have specific inquiries about canceling your Kindle Unlimited subscription, consider contacting Amazon’s customer support. They can assist and address any concerns you may have. Visit their Amazon Help & Customer Service section to explore live chat or phone support options.

Step 11: Take Note of the Cancellation Deadline

Keep in mind that Kindle Unlimited subscriptions are typically renewed automatically every month. To avoid being charged for the upcoming month, canceling your subscription before the next billing cycle is important. Note the deadline to ensure you cancel within the appropriate timeframe to prevent unwanted charges.

Step 12: Finish Reading Kindle Unlimited Titles

If you have Kindle Unlimited titles downloaded or added to your library, finish reading or accessing them before canceling your subscription. Once your subscription is canceled, you will lose access to the Kindle Unlimited titles, so it’s a good idea to complete any pending books or return borrowed titles before proceeding with the cancellation.

Step 13: Consider Alternative Subscription Options

If you prefer the ease of having access to a vast range of books, audiobooks, and magazines but have chosen to cancel your Kindle Unlimited subscription, look into alternative subscription options. Amazon offers other subscription services like Audible for audiobooks or Prime Reading for a selection of free ebooks. Assess your reading preferences and explore options for a subscription that aligns with your needs.

Step 14: Revisit Kindle Unlimited in the Future

While you may want to discontinue your Kindle Unlimited subscription for various reasons, it’s worth reconsidering in the future. Kindle Unlimited regularly adds new titles and offers diverse reading materials. Reassess your reading habits and preferences periodically, as you may find it beneficial to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited again.

Step 15: Explore Free and Discounted Kindle Books

Even if you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, the Amazon website has a wealth of free and low-cost Kindle novels. Find items that interest you by browsing the “Best Sellers” and “Free Kindle Books” categories. Additionally, watch for limited-time promos, seasonal bargains, or daily offers that provide ebooks at a discount.

Step 16: Share Your Feedback

Consider writing a review or rating on the Kindle Unlimited website if you have canceled your Kindle Unlimited membership and want to offer feedback or share your experience with Amazon. Sharing your comments will help other users make more informed decisions and contribute to the service’s improvement.


Canceling your Kindle Unlimited subscription is a simple process that can be done through your Amazon account settings. Remember to be aware of the cancellation deadline, finish reading any Kindle Unlimited titles, and explore alternative subscription options if desired. Additionally, take advantage of free and discounted Kindle books and consider revisiting Kindle Unlimited. Following these additional points, you can optimize your reading experience and make informed decisions about your digital subscriptions.

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