10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023

With the unfortunate closure of LiveLeak, users are searching for alternative platforms that offer engaging and diverse videos. This read presents ten exceptional platforms that can fill the gap left by LiveLeak, providing users with engaging and informative videos. LiveLeak gained popularity for its approach to sharing videos. It aimed to offer a public perspective on global events and allow users to see unedited footage of real-life incidents worldwide.

The website had a reputation for providing content that was found disturbing, and it was criticized for highlighting violence. However, it also attracted a significant audience to watch people experiencing some events. In October 2020, LiveLeak was rebranded and transformed into a video-sharing website called ItemFix, which focused on providing safer content. Consequently, LiveLeak is now inactive as it was previously known.


YouTube is the world’s leading video-sharing platform, bringing a large audience seeking diverse content. With millions of active users, YouTube offers an extensive range of videos covering various genres, including news, entertainment, education, music, and more. Its powerful search algorithm ensures that users can easily discover content based on their interests, making it an ideal LiveLeak alternative.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Vimeo provides creative individuals looking to highlight their talent to a like-minded audience. This platform is renowned for its emphasis on high-quality videos, making it an excellent choice for high quality content. With an active community of filmmakers, artists, and photographers, Vimeo offers a curated selection of engaging videos and short films, making it a worthy LiveLeak replacement.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Dailymotion offers a user-friendly interface, enabling easy navigation and exploration of videos across various categories. From news and sports to music and entertainment, Dailymotion covers a wide range of topics, ensuring users find captivating content like LiveLeak.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Reddit is a comprehensive platform that brings discussions and content sharing across topics. With its diverse collection of communities known as “subreddits,” users can explore various interests, including news, entertainment, science, technology, and more. This interactive platform enables users to participate in discussions, share content, and discover engaging posts, making it an excellent LiveLeak alternative.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


For those seeking funny and entertaining content, 9GAG is a go-to platform. Specializing in memes, funny videos, and engaging GIFs, 9GAG guarantees laughter and amusement for its users. It has a vast user base contributing to a constant stream of fresh and funny videos. 9GAG offers an entertaining alternative to LiveLeak.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Twitch has revolutionized the world of live streaming, creating an immersive platform for gamers, artists, and content creators alike. Its users are interested in gaming, music, or art or want to connect with like-minded individuals. Twitch provides an attractive LiveLeak alternative.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Metacafe focuses on delivering short, bite-sized videos that capture attention quickly. It brings an extensive collection of entertaining and informative clips, ensuring users can access engaging content without investing considerable time. For those seeking a platform that offers quick and compelling videos, Metacafe presents a suitable LiveLeak substitute.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


Veoh boasts extensive videos encompassing assorted topics, including movies, TV shows, music, and more. With its user-friendly interface, Veoh facilitates easy browsing and exploration of its diverse video library. Veoh offers a comprehensive LiveLeak alternative with its diverse content catalog.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


TikTok has taken the digital world by storm, focusing on short-form video content. This immensely popular platform allows users to create and consume engaging videos, often accompanied by providing music and creative editing. TikTok offers a clear and engaging user experience. It becomes an excellent LiveLeak alternative for those seeking entertaining and easily digestible content. Get to know about Search Google or Type A URL now.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023

TED Talks

TED Talks has become synonymous with thought-provoking and inspirational speeches delivered by experts from various fields. With its mission to spread ideas, TED Talks offers engaging and informative presentations. Users can explore talks on science, technology, psychology, personal development, and other subjects. TED Talks is an excellent LiveLeak alternative for those seeking intellectual knowledge.

10 Sites like LiveLeak in 2023


LiveLeak’s closure leaves space in the video sharing market. The digital landscape fills it with captivating alternatives associated with diverse interests. From YouTube’s large video collection to the interactive communities on Reddit, there is a platform for everyone seeking engaging content. The ten LiveLeak alternatives mentioned in this article will satisfy your cravings for quality free videos. Connect with those platforms and get to know about the world of online entertainment and knowledge.


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