The World is Not yet Ready for Electric Cars

The World is not yet ready for electric cars. The technology is not yet advanced enough and the infrastructure for charging and maintaining them is not in place. The price is still too high for a regular consumer. 

These are all logical reasons why the World is not yet ready for electric cars. In this read, we will discuss a few major reasons why the World is not yet ready for electric cars and what needs to happen before we can make the switch.

 People Don’t Like Change:

It is true people do not like change very much. When it comes to their cars, they like things as they are right now. So, if you are trying to sell an electric car to someone who already owns a gas-powered one, they are going to resist buying something that looks different and operates differently than what they are used to driving every day of their lives (unless you give them a good reason they should).

Expensive to Maintain:

The Tesla Model S is the most popular electric car on the market, but it starts at $75,000 and the price point goes up. The Nissan Leaf costs about $30,000 less than that, but it is still not cheap. If you want a new gas-powered car with more features and greater fuel efficiency than an electric vehicle offers, you can get one for less than half the money.

Longer Charging Time:

Electric cars cannot go as far on a single charge as gas cars can go on a tank of fuel, at least not yet. This means that if you want to travel long distances, it is going to take some time at a charging station before you can get back on the road again. And if you have an EV that is as fast as a Tesla Model S (which can go from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds), then you are going to need more than one hour to charge your car fully at home.

Lithium-ion Battery Technology:

The world knows that the energy density of lithium ions is one-third that of dynamite, which is surprising. AA batteries, like pocket-sized batteries of normal construction, are difficult to cool, and if the battery catches fire, it is literally impossible to extinguish. The lithium ions burn hot enough to melt the aluminum and keep stirring as long as the cells contain enough energy to generate the heat needed to erupt. We all know the news of a crashed Tesla that went up in flames in the junkyard months after its accident.

Scarcity of Charging Stations:

The first problem with electric cars is that they cannot go as far on a single charge as gas cars can go before, they need to fill up again. Most of these vehicles offer a range between 100 and 200 miles which means if you are driving more than one hundred miles at a time, you may have to stop at least once along the way. And if you are driving two hundred miles at a time? You will have to stop twice along the way at most public charging stations, which are not always conveniently located near rest stops or other places where people might be stopping anyway (like shopping centers).

Environmental Effect:

Electric cars are better for the environment than gas-powered cars. Not necessarily. According to a study by Carnegie Mellon University, an average gas car will produce about half as much CO2 over its lifetime as an electric car in most parts of the United States due to coal-fired power plants used to generate electricity (although this varies depending on where you live). And while electric vehicles do not produce tailpipe emissions from their engines, they produce emissions from their batteries during production.


There are many reasons why the World is not yet ready for electric cars. The most significant one is that the infrastructure for charging and maintaining them is not in place. Other reasons include the lack of consolidation centers, poor planning, severe weather, and traffic congestion. While there are no easy solutions to these problems, the World may be able to adapt to electric cars by investing in consolidation centres and developing better routing systems.

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