The Rumors Are True: There is Going to Be an RTX 4060

As technology enthusiasts eagerly await Nvidia’s upcoming launch of the revolutionary Lovelace cards, talk around the industry is abuzz about what these ultra-powerful pieces of hardware will bring to our gaming and creative pursuits. In this read, We share expected True rumors that there is Going to Be an RTX 4060.

However, one card has yet to grab people’s attention – until now! The RTX 4060 looks poised to be a formidable challenger in its class as rumors start emerging on just how much this new graphics card can offer. Stay tuned for more updates from Nvidia soon; something tells us they will not keep us guessing too long!

Expected Release date

Rumors are swirling around the tech world with whispers of Nvidia’s new 4060 GPUs set to launch in early 2023. The RTX 4060 expects to be the first model released, as soon as this year, making it a highly sought-after piece of hardware for gamers and professionals alike.

Price Expectation

The latest news from Nvidia suggests a great deal in the works: an RTX 4060 graphics card, estimated to cost just 10% higher than that of its predecessor, the RTX 3060. This means you might soon be able to pick up this impressive GPU for around $350 – quite the bargain compared to other models!

Budget Builder Choice

The RTX 4060 may not be the highest spec GPU available, but it offers the right balance between performance and price to draw in budget-minded gamers. And Nvidia’s advanced DLSS technology along with Frame Generation capabilities will make sure this card can stand up to its predecessors while still offer at a competitive cost when compared against other GPUs of similar caliber.

Rumors Are True: There's Going to Be an RTX 4060

Performance Comparison

With the arrival of its next-gen RTX 4060, NVIDIA is giving users a slight 20% performance bump over its predecessor but it could be worth much more in value. The RTX 4060 expectation is performance improvement. Those who take advantage will unlock faster DLSS 3 and ray tracing capabilities than ever before. They will save on an otherwise expensive card such as the RTX 4090 or 4080.

Faster Speed

With RTX 4060 must be 20% faster than the powerful NVIDIA RTX 3060 GPU, it seems unlikely that such a minimal upgrade will satisfy gamers expecting more from their graphics cards. However, if one considers this in comparison with yet another higher level of performance – namely the RTX 3060 Ti – then we may expect an impressive boost for those wishing to take their gaming experience to next level.

Expected Power Consumption

NVIDIA’s new RTX 4060 could revolutionize the mobile gaming with its impressive ability to consume less power than its predecessor, the RTX 3060. With a mere 170W of energy usage, this groundbreaking release promises an exciting future for gamers on-the-go.


RTX 4060 expects to be budget gamer choice with 3,968 CUDA cores and 17Gbps mode. It consumes 170W energy with powerful results more then RTX 3060 GPU. We can not build exact conclusion because the official updates doesn’t come yet.

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