Nvidia RTX 4080 at First Glance 

The new GeForce RTX 4080 is the second-fastest card available after the release of its big brother Nvidia’s RTX 4090 beast. These powerful graphics cards offer impressive performance boosts for most demanding games. RTX 4080 Comes in at $1199 USD or £1269 with an MSRP price reduction of approx. 400$ less as compared to RTX 4090. RTX 4080 has been designed specifically to meet gamers’ needs on tight budgets. Who want their gaming experience taken up another notch. In our review, we’ll explain how it performed during testing and what else you need to know before making your decision final purchase today.

RTX 4080 looks like RTX 4090

The RTX 4080 and 4090 look more or less the same aside from the labels. They have a similar fan structure with an emphasis on cooling systems in mind. The former can fit more than just one cooler while having its own unique sticker design for branding purposes too. It has a 3-slot GPU which means it can fit more and better cooling systems.

Simple Design

Nvidia intends the Founders Edition RTX 4080 to be high-quality, with a design you can efficiently utilize through the included transparent side panel. This design is user-friendly and it offers an eco-friendly power solution and a viewable side panel.

Power utilization

The graphics card requires a certain amount of power depending on your previous experience with gaming and the budget you’re willing to spend. In my case, I used an RTX 3080 last which consumed 320 watts while running similarly to most other cards at around that power consumption. You’ll need at least 750W for this setup since it will be difficult if not impossible overclock efficiently without more juice available from your power supply. You want an even beefier power supply to overclock the GPU and get extra headroom.

Benchmarks Features

Our Benchmark tests cover the RTX 4080, which is around 55 per cent faster than the RTX 3080 in 1440p version gaming. Although this sounds impressive, the RTX 4080 is about 55 percent faster at 4K resolutions.

RTX 4080 Outperforms at 4K

The RTX 4080, at 4K resolution can replace the previous generation cards like 3080ti/ 3090 and even outshine them with ease. But if you want a better gaming experience that offers a higher refresh rate in a more expansive game range then go for RTX 4090. The gap isn’t too huge even when it comes down to 1440p so use this accordingly.

Power Efficiency

The last generation of graphics hardware was struggling with power consumption, but this new technology can help save money and give you more performance at the same time. The RTX 4080 gives off an amazing boost in games where there is intensely detailed rendering such as first-person shooters or 3D modelling programs like Cinema 4D because it does not have to work so hard on generating images for these types of situations which means less strain placed upon your computer’s system resources overall- meaning lower temperatures while running lighter loads!

16 Pin Power Connector

The 4080 graphics card eliminates the need for four 8-pin connectors by installing a 3x 8-pin to single 16-pin adapter. It simplifies system installation and reduces cable clutter on your PC. The GPUs employ a 16-pin 12VHPWR cable standard for ATX 3.0 power supplies in addition to one, which caused early concerns about 12VHPWR. A cable vendor Cable Mod found that the 12VHPWR connectors were bending cables less than 35mm last month, which can risk connectors.

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