Internet Free 3D multiplayer snake game is an innovative 3D multiplayer snake game that combines classic arcade game play with modern online gaming. Players join a team of Hexanauts and battle it out in an exciting arena. Compete against opponents from all over the world while you try to become the longest Hexanaut on the board. is fast-paced and full of surprises, so you’ll never know what’s coming next. With vibrant graphics and intuitive controls, It provides a fun and challenging experience for players of all ages.

It is a free 3D multiplayer snake game that brings classic arcade elements into the modern day. allows players to customize their snakes with skins and compete for high scores in various worlds filled with traps, bombs, and other powerups. also offers leaderboards to compare scores across different levels, multiple game modes, and the ability to challenge friends or players around the world. It is a great way for gamers of all ages to get their gaming fix, with its family-friendly atmosphere and fun visuals.

How To Play the Game

To play this game, move your avatar with the arrow keys on your keyboard while avoiding obstacles and other players. The goal is to be the last snake standing, grow the biggest Hexanaut and avoid running into obstacles or other players. offers a unique 3D gaming experience where you can compete against friends and others from around the world in an action-packed game of strategy and skill. You can also choose from different levels of difficulty, allowing you to challenge yourself and test your skills. It is the perfect game for all skill levels and offers hours of entertainment. Read about Free cell io The Best Free Card and Solitaire Games.

Benefits of Playing

Intuitive Controls

Its features intuitive controls that make it easy for casual gamers to pick up the game quickly. With simple swipe-and-click options, it is accessible and enjoyable for all ages without any complex instructions or complicated skills required. It also has multiple levels of difficulty, allowing players to be challenged in their own way. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gamer, it offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Fast Pace is a fast-paced 3D multiplayer snake game that requires quick reflexes and strategic maneuvers. With its ever-changing landscape and constantly shrinking borders, it tests your skill at outrunning other players while simultaneously gobbling up energy orbs. Compete against up to 8 opponents in real time and put your speed and agility to the test as you try to climb the leaderboard.

Multiple Modes

It offers several different game modes so that players can customize their experience. Whether you prefer to team up with friends in the cooperative mode, compete against other players in the ranked mode, or go solo and take on a series of Hexanaut challenges, it has something for everyone. With a variety of maps and game settings, it ensures that you’ll never be bored playing the same game repeatedly.

Player Customization

Whether you want to stand out with a classic zebra pattern or get creative and design your own unique patterns, it allows you to make the look of your snake truly yours! Players also have the option to personalize their snake’s color, allowing for even greater customization options.


Players can choose from various powerups to increase their speed, add extra lives, or even make their snake longer. The upgrades are simple yet powerful and will make the game more enjoyable for everyone. also has daily and weekly leaderboards to track the progress of each player and encourage further competition.

Real-Time Multiplayer

Players can join the same lobby and battle it out in the Hexanaut world, trying to outmaneuver their opponents with tricky maneuvers and strategies. It is a great way for friends to get together online and have real-time fun. It is an exciting free 3D multiplayer snake game that can be played with up to 8 players in the same lobby. Players navigate the Hexanaut world, maneuvering their snakes around obstacles and other snakes to become the last ones standing.


The leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours, giving players of all levels a chance to test their skills against other Hexanaut enthusiasts around the world. With this unique scoring system, each game is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure. Keep an eye on the leaderboard, and don’t forget to share your scores with friends. It is more than just a game; it’s a community of dedicated players and snake enthusiasts who are always pushing their skills to the next level. Free 3D multiplayer snake game

Tips and Tricks for Players

1. is all about strategy and timing, so make sure to plan your moves carefully!

2. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of the game and try new strategies – you never know what you might discover!

3. Be aware of other players’ movements, as they can give you useful information about where they’re going and what they’re trying to do.

4. Utilize special Hexanaut powerups, such as the speed boost or invisibility, to get ahead of your opponents.

5. Master the art of “tail-biting” – a technique that involves going around your own tail to avoid being caught by other players.

Advice for More Experienced Players

1. Use the autopilot system to your advantage. It allows the snake to keep a steady speed, making it easier to maneuver around obstacles.

2. Familiarize yourself with its map and learn when and where to make strategic turns for maximum efficiency.

3. Practice dodging opponents’ snakes by anticipating their movements and positioning yourself to avoid collisions.

4. Take advantage of its powerups. They can give you an edge over your opponents in tight spots.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies rewards creative players who think outside the box.


It is an exciting and unique 3D multiplayer snake game that allows players to experience a thrilling gaming adventure. The game offers various challenging levels, powerups, and rewards that make it highly engaging for players of all ages. provides the perfect platform for online gamers to have hours of fun with their friends or family. With its colorful 3D graphics and intuitive game controls, it is an ideal way for gamers to get their daily dose of entertainment. So, if you’re a fan of snake games or just looking for something new and exciting, it is the perfect game for you.

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